For the last 5 years I have published a quarterly report titled The Kearney Report comprising of informative data and my own insight into the Boulder County Real Estate Market. This page acts as an archive for the Kearney Report allowing you to look back over past reports in order to gain an increased understanding of the real estate market you are looking to buy or sell in.

2017                                          2016

2nd Quarter, 2017                                                  3rd Quarter, 2016

1st Quarter, 2017                                                   2nd Quarter, 2016

1st Quarter, 2016

2015                                          2014

4th Quarter, 2015                                                  4th Quarter, 2014

3rd Quarter, 2015                                                  3rd Quarter, 2014

1st Quarter, 2015                                                  2nd Quarter, 2014

1st Quarter, 2014

2013                                          2012

4th Quarter, 2013                                                   4th Quarter, 2012

3rd Quarter, 2013                                                  3rd Quarter, 2012

2nd Quarter, 2013

1st Quarter, 2013


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