There seem to be plenty of buyers out there looking for houses in Boulder County. But the number of new listings is losing steam and the number of sales is following. Through the end of February sales are down 9% compared to 2015. During February sales were down 13.5% from a year ago. The first chart below shows the number of new listings coming on the market on a weekly basis over the past four years. The activity this year is represented in orange.

New listingsA forward indicator to future sales is the number of properties that go under contract. The usual gestation period between a house going under contract and getting to the closing table is between 30 and 45 days. The chart below shows the flow of properties going under contract on a weekly basis.  The last few weeks have been trailing the average we expect to see this time of year. This leads me to believe that March and April’s sales will not be making up ground on last years closing. The slideshow below shows more statistics that give a broader picture about what is going on in the Boulder County real estate market.

Boulder County Under contract

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