The home market in Boulder County is red hot. Buyers are swarming new listings and competing in multiple offer situations across the county. Being a seller of real estate is a great place to be but on the other hand being a buyer is a tough situation. Decisions need to be made quickly, and competition is fierce.

Through February sales of residential homes and condos in Boulder County are up 15% from last year. In February sales were up 21%. However, homes are going on the market at the same pace as last year. This is causing a spike in the percentage of homes that are under contract. Buyers who are out looking are finding that over half of the homes that are showing as active on most websites are already under contract.

Here is a chart showing the under contract percentage by month over the past five years.

February 2015 UC percentage

View the slideshow below to view all of statistics for the month and the real estate trends over time.

Theses overriding themes persist: low inventory, high buyer demand, rising prices.

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