The video below is from the website  Ted is a series of live presentations compiled on video, featuring thought leaders in all aspects of modern life.  I watch these all the time but this is the first one I have shared.  This one has to do with high level negotiations and the role of a third party.  After watching the video I thought that the ideas brought forth by William Ury had direct correlation to the role of Realtors in bringing buyers and sellers together in a negotiation.

Basically what Mr. Ury is saying is that sometimes it takes a third party to bring two parties together.  In real estate there are usually two third parties, namely the two Realtors involved in the transaction.  Good Realtors bring to their clients a calm, non-threatening environment in which to think, good information,  a broad perspective, clear communication, real life experience and knowledge and a strong emotional barrier.  If you have two good Realtors on both side of the transaction doing their jobs it makes it much easier for a negotiation to come together.

I whipped up the chart below to show how the roles of the Realtors intersect.  In the interaction of the agents there is an opportunity for synergy.  When two agents are working together problems get solved, ideas get clearly communicated, the emotions of the transaction are left behind and the spirit of cooperation toward a common goal takes over.

I pride myself in keeping calm and level headed throughout a transaction. I think this gives my clients the best opportunity to keep the right perspective and achieve their goals not just win small battles.  Enjoy the video.

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