The recent fires have brought an interesting question to mind.  Would you know exactly what you lost if you lost everything?  Sure you would remember your TV and your car and your appliances and your bed.  But would you remember the silver serving dish in the cabinet or what is on your storage shelves or every picture on every wall?

We make assumptions like our house will always be there when we return or that we would remember what we have.  Well, both of these are just assumptions.  Material possessions don’t rule my life but I wouldn’t want to be wracking my brain for six months trying to remember so here is a tip.  Do a home inventory and store it somewhere safe.

I haven’t checked the security of it but I have found an online solution that can work in conjunction with photos and videos to keep track of your possessions.  This will significantly speed up the time needed to settle an insurance claim and will help you determine if you have the appropriate amount of coverage.  The site is and it is free.  Check it out and just do it.


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