Real estate sales in Boulder County during March 2010 were very strong.  After a few months of good activity in the market (showings, contracts, calls, etc.) with no appreciable increase in sales, March provided the measurable results I had been expecting.

Total sales in Boulder County, including both single family residential and condos/townhomes, were up 42% compared to March 2009.  This pulled the year-to-date sales up to a 19.7% increase compared to the first quarter of 2009.

Single family sales were up even more dramatically.  For the month, sales increased 49%!

Median prices during the first three months are up compared to the first three months of last year, but this is too small a sample to make any comprehensive statement on prices.

It seems that the sales are not just confined to the entry level and that activity is being seen in all areas of the market.

The slide show below shows the comparative statistics for Boulder County on a monthly basis.  For best results view the slide show “full screen” (hit the button with the four arrows pointing to the corners).
March 2010 Statistics

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