The Federal Housing Finance Agency released released their 4th quarter home price index today.  Boulder County is one of the 299 Metropolitan Statistical Districts (MSA’s) that are tracked and ranked in terms of home price appreciation (or depreciation).  Boulder ranked 82nd out of the 299 tracked areas in terms of 1 year appreciation ending December 31, 2009.  The one year return was -1.45%.  For the 4th quarter the appreciation was .18%.

Nationally the overall appreciation during 2009 was -1.21%.  Colorado ranked 2nd in the U.S with a 3.07% increase.  The top MSA over the past year was Terre Haute, Indiana whose one year return was 3.11%.  The largest depreciation was seen in Bend, Oregon at -20.55%, closely followed by Las Vegas, NV at -19.30%.

The chart below shows the home appreciation in Boulder compared to that of the United States as a whole.

For more graphs including four year accumulated appreciation of selected markets and how Boulder has ranked nationally since 2006, click here.  For a list of the top and bottom 20 areas for home appreciation and a full list of all 50 states ranked by 1 year home appreciation, click here.


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