When one hires a Realtor, one would expect that person to market their property in its best light.  Right?  I would assume and expect the same thing.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  If one looks very long at real estate listings on the internet you will find, like I have, many photos that are real head-scratchers.

My MLS system (IRES, one of the nations best) allows 18 photos to be entered for each listing.  But I only enter all 18 if there is a compelling reason to include each photo.  I take a ton of photos at my listings and then spend more time weeding through the list.  If you could hear me, I sound like an optomitrist, better? better?…   I then take the best photos and make sure that the brightness and contrast are optimized.  Basically, I take the time and effort needed to make my listings look as good as possible.

Unfortunately, not every agent takes the same view.  lovelylisting.com/ is a popular website that posts a strange or bad real estate listing photo every day from around the globe.  It’s my promise to you that if you list from me, photos of your house will be found all over the internet, but not on lovelylisting.com/.

Here are a few doozies I found while recently trolling for listings.  Don’t let this happen to you!

I wonder if the painting will survive the nuclear winter? This turbo fan is awesome!

No skinny toilets in this house

I’m really getting a feel for this place.

Interested in any of these places?  I didn’t think so.

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