2009 Boulder County Real Estate Statistics

The slides above show a comprehensive review of the area real estate market in Boulder County.  Click through the slides for an annotated view of the market trends in Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Erie, Superior, the Suburban Plains and the Suburban Mountains.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Total Sales in Boulder County are down 38% from the peak in 2005 and down 15% from 2008.
  • Median Prices in Boulder County were down 3.6% and 3.9% in 2008 & 2009.
  • In the City of Boulder, sales of single family homes are down 45% from 2004 and were down 25% from a year ago.
  • Sales of Boulder Condos are down 30% from the peak in 2005 and down 16% from 2008.
  • Prices within the city limits of Boulder have been fairly stable.  Median prices for homes were down 2.2% & 2.4% over the past two years and condos were up 3.7% and down 3.6%.
  • On average it would take 6 ½ months to sell all of the current inventory of single family homes given the sales pace over the past year.
  • Median prices for all residential real estate in Boulder was down 1.7% during 2009.
  • Median prices have risen each year since 2000 in Louisville.
  • Median prices in Longmont have spent most of the decade between $210,000 and $230,000
  • Sales in Superior were up 7% in 2009.
  • After a meteoric rise, the number of properties selling over $1 million has fallen 46% over two years.

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