Boulder is well known to be one of the top locations in the country for bike enthusiasts of all kinds.  There are world class cyclists, tons of weekend warriors and plenty of want-to-be’s and look-alike’s.  But what separates the boys from the men and the women from the girls is the weather.  With miles of designated bike lanes and paths that avoid traffic altogether, it is really easy to get around town riding your bike when the weather is good.  But winter is when you see the real dedicated cyclists show their stuff.  Through darkness, snow, cold and traffic you see bike commuters braving the elements and sticking to their convictions.  The City of Boulder makes what seems to me to be a good effort to keep the bike paths clear of snow and this allows the dedicated few to continue their daily ritual right through the winter.
I see bikers every day heading to and from the office, but today I noticed this unusually well outfitted cyclist heading from Gunbarrel into Boulder.  His rig was not your normal bike, it was an extra long, electric enhanced, two wheeled, all terrain, work, delivery, moving bike.  He had built-in hand warmers, two rear flashing lights, a high output front lamp that would have made me flip my rear view mirror to night mode, if I had to do that anymore.  Basically, he had made a major investment in his transportation and he outfitted his bike to do everything he needed it to do.  Awesome!

Here are a few links that will help you get set up if you want to dip your toes into the world of bike commuting or go all out like the guy I saw this morning.

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I love Boulder!

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