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It’s easy to find homes on the internet.  Search sites are everywhere but I know it is frustrating when the information is outdated.  It also is a big job to sort through all of the homes each time to find the new listings or the price reductions.  I can help!  I can set up an automated search that sends new listings automatically to your email.  This way you know what is happening in the market but don’t have to sort through all of the homes you have already seen or don’t care to view.

The best part is the website that goes along with the service.  Each of my clients can have a personalized, pasword protected site in which to view all of the information available on a given home.  On your MySite you can view, sort or delete listings so that you can easily come back and view or share what you have seen.  The site updates automatically so when a house goes under contract or has a price change you will know about it when you log in.

This is a great service and I would like to set it up for you.  I can set up searches for all of Northern Colorado.  Take a look at the video above for a quck demo on how it works and how it looks.  You will love it!

Just call or email me at Neil@NeilKearney.com

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