The table below details the real estate market activity in Boulder Colorado.  I created this weekly activity index at the end of April and have been tracking and commenting on this and other market data on this blog since that time.  Basically what we have been seeing in the market is pretty steady activity.  We are down from the past few years but we are holding up okay.  Sales of all residential property in Boulder County is down roughly 23% through the end of September.

What is interesting about this index is that you can easily compare the number of homes that go under contract to those that actually close.  I’ve found through my research that 24% of homes that go under contract don’t make it to the closing table.  Another interesting statistic is the median price of the homes which have closed.  The median price of sales has consistently been under $300,000.  The average price of sales is also down so far this year.  There are two reasons causing the lower sales prices; low interest rates for loans less than $417,000 and the first time homebuyer credit.

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