Do you remeber the game show that tempted you with what was behind door #3, Let’s Make a Deal? All summer I have been fielding calls and emails from people who want to move to the Boulder normally a really good thing.  But too many of the calls have seemed like the donkey behind door #3, not quite what I was looking for.  Between, slow house sales across the nation, tighter credit and people forced to change careers due to unemployment, there are plenty of reasons why people can’t buy a home right now. So instead of calling me to help them find a home, which I specialize in, they call me to help them find a free place to live.

I have received over 10 calls from people looking to be a caretaker for my vacant listings. They all seem very nice and all have a very believable story about how they want to be in Boulder, have a blue ribbon family, the best (non-shedding) pets and how they can fill my vacant listings with their beautiful furniture for very low or no rent.  A win-win right? I haven’t had any vacant listings that would benefit from a caretaker so I haven’t been able to help anyone out. I have however kept their names.

Another scenario that has come up a lot is the lease purchase. Buyers want to get settled, but have not sold their current house yet and only want to make one move. They then look for an acceptable vacant house and ask if the seller in interested in a lease purchase. I will re-print a prior post outlining the nuts and bolts of the deal tomorrow.

Last week I got a call from a potential buyer who is looking to trade up to three properties in Florida for a home in Boulder. Now this is a deal that has some moving parts to it. The Boulder owner must be open to a specific property or properties in Florida, have an acceptable property in Boulder and then we must match up the value. Not impossible, but not an easy deal to put together.  If anyone is interested give me a call.

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