The roads fill up with cars; the restaurants are filled with doting parents; Target and Bed Bath and Beyond are filled with dorm room customizers.  It’s that time of year again – the students are back!

Living in a college town is great. The mood is definitely upbeat and the activities have a slant toward the fun and active.  The latest figures on CU’s website state that the University of Colorado has just under 30,000.  The influx of students definitely makes an impact on how our fair city feels.  Not only are students a big part of the daily life in town, they are a huge part of the local economy.  From a real estate perspective, they fill rentals and their parents buy condos and houses for them to live in.

The University is also the city’s largest employer. This gives us a strong keel with which we are able to withstand many economic ups-and -downs very well.

Another big perk we get by living in a college town are the sporting and cultural events.  Soon, Saturday afternoons will be filled with the sounds of Football.

Welcome Back!

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