If you are like me, you just received your property assessment from the Boulder County Assessors Office.  This mailing gives notice of the value that your property taxes will be based upon for the next two years.  Each envelope included a cover letter, a 2009 Notice of Valuation, an information sheet and an appeal form.

The assessed value for each property is re-assessed every 2 years and in accordance to state law the values stated reflect the market value as of June 30th of the year directly proceeding the assessment.  The timing is not good if you have felt a squeeze in value since last fall as have some neighborhoods.   

The Notice of Valuation page includes the physical details of your property as recorded by the county as well as the three of comparable sales they used to derive their value.  Keep in mind that no sales can be used that sold after June 30, 2008.

So what if you feel as if the assessor has valued your house too high?  You have the right to appeal.  To appeal you must fill in the enclosed form and send, fax or deliver to the assessors office no later than June 1, 2009.

My wife and I own three rental properties in Boulder County so we received four total notices.  I plan to appeal two of the notices by providing sold documentation of what I consider to be better comparable sales.

I am happy to provide the information for your appeal, just give me a call or send me email.

For more detailed information go to the assessors website.

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