January in Boulder can be quite interesting. Last week high winds brought fire and this week it blew in some unexpected snow and ice.

Strong winds in January are quite common. Since Christmas we have had three good blows with winds on two occasions exceeding 80 miles per hour. Last Wednesday power lines were blown down in two locations in rural land just north of Boulder and the results were grass fires that burned over 3,000 acres, evacuated over 10,000 homes and left a charred hillside. The damage to structures was very minimal given the extent of the fires and the swiftness of the wind. Just 1 home and a few barns were lost. The local firefighters spent a heroic night last Wednesday saving dozens and dozens of homes. One of those homes belonged to one of my clients and they came home the next day to find all of the ground around their home burnt but their home saved.

In addition to the efforts of the firefighters many credited fire mitigation efforts that have been promoted over the last 15 years as a positive force in saving homes. Boulder County has made fire mitigation a priority. More about the program can be found at this website.
Most of the land that was burned was grassland. This means that the affected area will have a beautiful green spring. But for now it is covered with snow. That is until tomorrow when it expected to be almost 60 degrees again. Such is Colorado.


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