Fastracks is the voter supported mass transit plan covering much of the Denver Metro Area. The plan includes additional light rail, commuter rail and bus mass transit. Since it’s approval four years ago the estimated cost of the program has skyrocketed from $4.7 Billion to over $6.5 Billion. Some estimates I have seen have the cost near $8 Billion. The funding for the project is to come from a number of sources including the voter approved tax and transportation funds from the Federal Government. In this Boulder Daily Camera Article dated October 29th, it was stated that there is still much uncertainty to the availability of funds from the Federal Government and that the commuter rail project that will link Longmont and Boulder to Downtown Denver is in question. The estimated completion for the project is slated for 2015 if all proceeds as planned.

I heard on the radio that over 160 properties were slated for complete or partial eminent domain (public taking of private property for a public project) in order to complete the Denver to Golden light rail line. The full FasTracks story can be found at the official Fastracks website

In related news the original Boulder Depot has been moved to the future home of the transit village in the land owned by the city behind Pollard Motors on Pearl and 30th Street. The attached photo shows the depot after the move. The city would certainly need to do some backtracking if the commuter rail project does not get funded. Would the Pollard site still be worth $10 million if commuter rail didn’t come to Boulder? I don’t think a transit village will work without the transit. We will have to wait to see what happens.


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