I’m always trying to get a better picture about what is happening out there in the market. Generally it is slow but it certainly isn’t stagnant. Each day I get a “hotsheet” that gives me a one day snapshot of what has happened in the last business day. Among others, I get to see the new listings, those that went under contract and those that closed. I can gauge general activity by looking at how long each of these lists are each day. I especially like to look at how many and what type of homes have gone under contract. I thought it would be interesting to expand this look and see how the gross numbers of new listings, under contract listings and sold listings compare over time. The chart below shows the data over a year from all residential properties in Boulder County.

The left side of the chart shows greater number of new listings, under contract listings and sales during 2006 and 2007 than in 2008. We’ll see how the rest of September does because it looks to be quite a bit low in all categories for being the 25th of the month already. It is interesting that the basic monthly/seasonal trends are still holding steady.





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