Last Saturday, my son Ben and I hiked in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area to the Arapahoe Glacier overlook. We originally were aiming to hike to the top of S. Arapahoe Peak, but the wind was incredibly strong and getting to the overlook was the perfect adventure for us on that day. We were hiking for five hours and enjoyed great views, good company, some well deserved snacks and some “blow me over” winds.


Arapahoe Glacier is at the far west end of the watershed owned by the City of Boulder. Access to this area of pristine wilderness is prohibited so to preserve the quality of the water. I believe that Boulder is the only city to own a glacier but I haven’t yet checked with Sarah Palin. I would guess that some towns in Alaska might have a chance to share this distinction.


What a great place to be able to be hiking in an entirely different ecosystem within 1 hour of town. Below are some photos from the hike.





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