Home Appreciation in Boulder County on the Rise!


According to the OFHEO Home Price Index, Boulder County is bucking the national trend. OFHEO tracks the 291 largest metropolitan areas in terms of appreciation and ranks them by their 1 year appreciation rate. During recent years our area has been lingering in the bottom third of all metro areas. The most recent data (4th Quarter 2007) was released last week and Boulder County is ranked 100 out of 291 with a 1 year increase of 2.89%. Even more impressive is the 4th quarter appreciation of 1.28%, which ranks us 46th in the nation. Below is a graph that shows our appreciation rate (increasing) as well as that of the U.S. as a whole (decreasing).


Here are some of the 1 year returns from other selected areas:
United States .84%
Colorado 1.37%
Boulder 2.89%
Denver -.49%
Fort Collins – Loveland 1.80%
Greeley -4.80%
Grand Junction 12.03%
Colorado Springs .06%


Highest appreciation: Wenatchee, WA 13.67%


Lowest appreciation: Merced, CA -18.98%



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