What’s Hot in Boulder County Real Estate


I often am questioned (this time by my wife) about what areas are selling better than others. I naturally figure out how I can show this graphically using statistics. So here it goes!


The first chart shows the percentage of single family homes that are currently under contract. The larger the percentage, the more market activity there is currently in the market. This is a snapshot of the market but is a fairly good measure of what is going on. As you can see the areas with the highest percentages are Boulder, Louisville and Superior. The areas that have the highest percentage of unsold homes are the suburban mountains and the suburban plains.


The second chart shows the number of months of inventory given the sales rate during the past three months. This statistic shows what has actually been selling during the slower months and compares that to the current inventory. The lower the number the better. Again, Boulder, Louisville and Superior showed the best numbers and the mountains and plains again have the weakest numbers.

I am finding that there are many buyers starting to come out and the showings are at a level higher than a year ago. As always, if you are interested in finding out how your home fits into the picture give me a call. I’d love to put my experience to work for you. Neil Kearney 303-413-6624


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