Mystery Buyer Snaps up Storage Tek Site
Great News for Boulder County Real Estate


An undisclosed buyer closed on the 412 acre Storage Tek campus in Louisville, Colorado recently. It has been speculated that the buyer is a large technology firm such as Microsoft or Google, but literally no body knows. The deal was done through a national search firm and the buyer is an LLC set up just a few weeks ago. Sun Microsystems, the former owner will lease back for the remainder of 2008. The purchase price was $55.4 Million.



The introduction of another large company, if that is the case, in the area will certainly be a boon to the local economy and the real estate market. When Level 3 and Sun Microsystems moved to Broomfield in the late 1990's our area became the top rated area in the country for home appreciation. When those companies stopped hiring and started layoffs our local market fizzled just as the rest of the country was heating up.


The jobs that are currently being done out of the Storage Tek buildings will be moved over across the street to the Sun Microsystems campus. New labs will be constructed this year.
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