Chinook Winds a Blowin’


“Those who have not the warm, invigorating Chinook winds of this country, cannot well comprehend what a blessing they are. The icy clutch of winter is lessened, the earth throws off its winding sheet of snow. Humanity ventures forth to inhale the balmy spring like air. Animated nature rejoices.” (1900–Calgary
weekly Herald)

As a Boulder Native I have seen the seasons come and go many times. The favorable climate is one of our secrets that is little known throughout the country. Most people assume that we are in the mountains and snowed in most of the winter. It doesn’t help that most of the instances that the Denver Broncos have played on Monday Night Football the game has been accompanied by a blizzard.



In my opinion the past two winters have been especially cold. Last year we had tons of snow and this year it has been consistently cold, not frigid, but not comfortable. The great thing about the Colorado climate is that it changes quickly. Snow one day, sun and melting the next. Last night the Chinook winds starting blowing. The Chinooks are down slope winter winds that bring warm, dry air to the area. The winds can be quite strong and in years past these winter blows have caused much property damage. I’d say today’s wind is moderate. Not enough to cause much damage but plenty to keep you up at night and clean the streets of dust and debris.



The best part about the Chinook is the warming air. As the wind subsides, as it is doing this afternoon, we are treated to higher than normal temperatures and quicker than normal snow melt.



I always make sure that my clients know about the possibility of wind, especially if they are looking in South Boulder. South Boulder seems to be especially hard hit because the valley between Green Mountain and South Boulder Peak funnels and intensifies the wind.



To learn more about this local phenomena take a look at this website


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