Biking in Boulder


Even in winter, Boulder is a mecca for biking. Every day, no matter what the weather conditions, there are dedicated bikers on the roads and paths. Winter bikers can be grouped into two camps; dedicated commuters and serious bikers looking to get a break from their indoor training routine.


First lets talk about the dedicated bike commuters. I think Boulder might be the world leader in winter bike commuters. As long as it is possible to ride a bike these people will be out their. You can recognize them by their high tech worn gear, their industrial light show (front and rear) and usually some kind of pack or pannier. During the summer these people blend into the rest of the biking population, but in winter they stand out and should be commended for their commitment and determination.


Boulder is filled with serious bikers. Just when you think you are in pretty good shape you get passed easily by someone with iron legs and lungs to match. Many of these athletes are professional and do nothing but bike, get massages, meet at coffee houses in their spandex and generally look great (making the rest of us look pale and weak by comparison). Anyway, on any day that the street shoulders are clear you will see colorful packs of fast moving bikers going for a training ride. During warm weather months you will again see so many bikers that it will be hard to pick out these workhorses, unless you try to keep up.


With all of the dedicated lanes and paths Boulder is a great place to ride your bike. We have a great lifestyle and the energy from those dedicated bikers goes a long way in making Boulder so attractive to those who really want to live life to its fullest even if riding a bike is not your thing.
Click on this link to find maps of dedicated bike routes in and around Boulder.


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