Small Town Boulder


This past Saturday night my family and I braved the cold and attended the Boulder Lights of Holiday Parade. Ten minutes before the 6 pm start time the closed streets were empty both on the parade route and the surrounding sidewalks. But when the clock struck 6 pm, the mike of the parade emcee went live (Ginger from KBCO) the parade started and the crowd came out from various hiding places and lined the downtown route.


Many times Boulder seems like a larger, sophisticated city. More apt to hold an art gallery opening than a hold a all-comers parade. But on Saturday night Boulder looked like any small town and the people loved it. The parade was totally local and charming and featured many great entries. Some of my favorites included: numerous Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops in various costumes, antique fire engines, dancers, homemade spinning go-carts, both high school marching bands, a junior unicycle club, a church and members of the banned Thursday night bike cruiser riders with their tricked out bicycles.



It was relaxed, fun and lasted for more that 45 minutes. It made me want to have fun and was a great kick-off to the holiday season in Boulder.



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