The Hidden Strength in Our Market


Boulder seems to be insulated from many of the road bumps in the overall real estate market. People can argue that our steady strength is due to the greenbelt and open space that limits the buildable acreage. Others claim that it is due to the University and the stability of good government science jobs. Yet, others may argue that it is due to the high tech jobs in the area. I think all of these reasons are good and true. But, the main reason that I think that Boulder has had a good real estate market over the years is the overall lifestyle.


There is a good chunk of our population that could live anywhere and have chosen to live in Boulder. Just today I met someone who recently moved from Washington D.C. As our conversation continued I found out that he was recently retired from a 25 year career with ABC News as their National Security Specialist. After traveling so much for his job he left it to his wife to pick the town to retire in. She chose Boulder and he couldn’t be happier. But who wouldn’t be happy not having to report from Baghdad any longer?
My point is that we are blessed to live in such a beautiful area. We have so many activities to choose from and fantastic weather in which to enjoy anything we choose to do. If you would like to come share it with us please give me a call. I’d love to help you find your little corner of Colorado paradise.



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