June Sales Update


The median price for homes sold in June in Boulder County was $380,000 this is an increase of 1.3% from June 2006 and an increase of 17% from June of 2004. In the City of Boulder the median price for homes sold in June was $515,000. Last June the median price was $562,000 and in June 2004 it was $448,000. Taking values just one month at a time is not an exact science. It is just a snapshot and does not necessarily reflect a trend. Here is the chart.


The number sales however works well in the monthly format. This give a good indication of the temperature of the market. As you can see from the chart below we are following the seasonal trend well but the number of sales this year is down when compared to the past three years. In fact we had 17% more sales in Boulder County in June of 2004 than we did last month.





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