June Sales Statistics

The numbers for June are in and it was a good month! In Boulder County 61 more properties closed in June than did in May. We were still down 8.7% from June 2006 and are down 12% YTD. The gross showings declined a bit in early June but rebounded during the final two weeks. The market is still moving and a full 25% of active listings are under contract in the City of Boulder. The U/C percentage allows us to compare relative strength in the market. Here are the percentages from throughout the region. The higher the number the more activity in the market.

o Boulder 25% of listings U/C
o Louisville 25.5%
o Lafayette 13.3%
o Longmont 11.7%
o Mountains 7.6%
o Plains 14.8%
o Superior 15.7%
o Boulder Cty. 16.7%
o Weld Cty. 7.8%
o Larimer Cty. 14.1%

Another gauge for market strength is the Listing inventory. This statistic shows how long it would take to sell all of the current listings using the average sales rate over the past year. Here are the numbers for our area. The lower the number in months the less inventory there is on the market.

o Boulder 7.26 months
o Louisville 5.32
o Lafayette 7.06
o Longmont 10.3
o Mountains 17.9
o Plains 10.4
o Superior 6.54
o Boulder Cty. 8.75
o Weld Cty. 10.3
o Larimer Cty. 9.2

I will follow up with a graphical display of the comparative statistics in the next few days!

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