Easter Weekend



March is said to “come in like and lion and out like a lamb”. This past weekend felt more like March and less like April. On Friday we had a very uncharacteristic sleet episode that left people scraping their windshields and left ice on everything that wasn’t touching the ground. The weather left my family with a bunch of cancelled activities, golf tournament (me), baseball practice (Jake), soccer game (Ben). What it left was a unexpected quiet, relaxing weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon trying to install Quickbooks 2007 (a forced upgrade, Aargh) onto the PC at church were I am the treasurer. The computer is about two years old and works great. Hardly ever used, hardly ever connected to the Internet and nothing ever installed on it other than Microsoft Office and Quickbooks 2004. I am always amazed how fast it boots and loads and wish I could uninstall most of what I have on my laptop. But I digress. After an error I was not able to fix I decided to look into it while enjoying the atmosphere at the Bookend Cafe which is attached to the Boulder Bookstore on the Pearl Street Mall. I obviously was not the only one to have that idea as the cafe was crowded. After waiting in quite a line for my free coffee (compliments of the bookstore, thank you) I found a great table right at the window where I could watch the characters of Boulder go by. It was a great way to spend a grey afternoon and something I rarely make time for.



It snowed much of Easter Sunday. After church my family headed to Arvada to spend the afternoon at Kristy’s sisters house. We had a fun afternoon, kids playing, moms cooking and dads watching The Masters on TV (I love underdogs!). As the afternoon wore on the snow slowed, then stopped and by the time we left there was blue sky. It was fun seeing the ice fall off of the trees and fences as we drove home. The Western half of the trees were green and the Eastern half were still white. The Flatirons were just peeking out of the clouds. A beautiful drive. Today it is over 60 degrees and beautiful. Such is springtime in the Rockies! A great place to live and work.
Note the bee frozen to the flower I found a few years ago after an ice stom.


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