Spring Activity

I usually limit my postings to relevant real estate news and statistics, focusing on Boulder County. Today my post will be a bit more general in nature but with a bit of a real estate tie-in at the end.

Spring is in the air and this year (after a more snow than usual (typical understatement)) it is more appreciated than ever. This weekend the roads were full of bikers. In Boulder bikers means people riding bicycles, more often than not titanium and costing more than a kitchen remodel, but I digress. The runners were out as well. Most every Sunday of the year the Boulder Road Runners holds a group run that we see as we head to church. The group has dwindled to a hearty few to none this winter, but Sunday they were back in full force enjoying the ice-free trails. People were also out working in the yard, walking the dog, washing the car and generally enjoying the extra hour of sunlight that the early daylight savings time brought us.

Another sign of spring is baseball. I spent part of Sunday helping to pour concrete at the North Boulder Little League fields. We are putting in two batting cages and a safety net for the fans between the fields. My son starts practice today and with 7o degree weather it should be a great start to a long season.

I love spring for many reasons. One of them is that it is a busy time for real estate. It is easier to show properties because of daylight savings time and sellers are making plans for summer moves. Have a great week!

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