I recently heard a funny story from one my RealtorĀ® colleagues in the office. He was showing a home in the mountains and after knocking on the door he and his client started viewing the house. As they viewed the house together the agent opened the broom closet door only to find the seller hiding in the dark. They made eye contact and then the agent closed the door and they continued the showing. Not a word was spoken! After they left the house the client asked the agent “did you see a person in the closet?”. They laughed all the way down the hill.



I can think of two reasons for the Sellers to hide: 1) They had been strictly instructed by the listing agent to be absent for showings. They for some reason couldn’t be gone so they did the next best thing, hide. 2) The Seller didn’t want to wait to get feedback through the normal channels. This gives a new meaning to Seller agent.



We see a lot of crazy stuff out there.


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