How to Sell a House That Has Been on The Market for Over Six Months


During the past week two of my listings have accepted offers from Buyers. One listing had been on the market over a year and a half (mountain vacant land) and the other had been on the market 2 days (Lafayette Townhome). In our market I feel lucky to have found a ready, willing and able buyer in just two days. This is not the norm, as the average days to an offer is over 75 days in Boulder County.

Here is the typical scenaria; During the first few weeks it is common to have many showings because there is a pool of buyers waiting for new listings. Once the initial few weeks have passed that the showings slow considerably and only new buyers to the market set up showings. So what if your house was not priced correctly or did not otherwise compare well with the competition and remains on the market without offers or interest. I have recently shown homes that have been listed for close to a year. What if you own one of these homes and need to get the house sold. Here are some ideas:



  1. Lower the price – The market has spoken and if your home has not sold in a reasonable time as other homes in the neighborhood get listed and sold, your price is too high.

  3. Make the house look better – Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Take an objective look at your house, maybe it needs a paint job, some new countertops or a replacement for the green shag carpet. I have nothing against green shag, I grew up with green shag. I love it, you love it but buyers DO NOT love it.

  5. Do some staging – Maybe you have all the pieces, but they are all in the wrong places. A little staging goes a long way in making that all important first impression.

  7. Make sure your curb appeal is the best on the block – Do some landscaping, buy some flowers, or this time of year make sure the snow is shoveled.



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