As a full time RealtorĀ®, I get this question a lot. Before answering I try to understand their situation and then give them the information. Our market is not as seasonal as some areas but I suppose it more so than others. Homes sell every month of the year and no matter when you put your home on the market it has to be ready for the market. That is, clean, in good condition and most importantly priced correctly. The chart below shows closed transactions for each month for the past three years. To get the time when these homes actually found a buyer subtract 30-45 days.


You can see that June has traditionally been the month with the most closings so that means that the end of April through the begining of June are the “hotest”times in the market. It is interesting to note that while the number of sales was down during 2006 the market timing remained the same.


Tomorrow I will reveal if there are any similar pattern to prices. Do you get more by listing your house in April?




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