Median prices of single family homes in Boulder County were up 5.11% for the year. All communities showed some appreciation with the exception of Lafayette which had just a slight decline. Average prices were up across the board for the year. The chart below shows the increase of median prices over time. As you can see the gap between Boulder and its neighbors has become more pronounced as time has gone by. This is mostly due to the proliferation of new and remodeled, high end properties in the city of Boulder.



The median price for an attached dwelling in Boulder County increased by just under 1% for the year. In the City of Boulder the median price in December 2005 is exactly the same as it is now $240,000. The largest increase was in Louisville where the net gain was 6.4% for the year.


Days on Market and Days to Offer remained roughly the same as compared with year end 2005 figures. On average it took 74 days to obtain an acceptable offer. In my experience this number is a lower than it should be due to the realities of agents and sellers withdrawing homes from the market and re-listing them to “refresh” the listing. This practice happens in all markets so I believe the comparison across years paints a fairly accurate picture.





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